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Access is one of the key features when taking on any project, here are some important implements to consider when designing a scaffold for a project.

:Easy access and exit routes for workers encapsulated inside.

:Safe accessible working heights.

:Positioning for extraction and ventilation systems.

:Type of protection is the most important role to get right the first time round these range from netting, monarflex & Enviro shrink wrap, depending on the works provided.

:Surrounding environmental considerations for example above water, high traffic areas, confined spaces and working at heights can all have their different challenges this is why we advise getting advice from our experienced staff in the planning process of you're project. we can give the client and access providers information on our requirements to ensure the project runs with ease.

mewp access CBS

Sheffield's Children's Hospital:

Manchester Industrial's

MEWP access can be a cost efficient and faster solution when the surrounding environment is suitable for the works planned.

All our operatives at Complete Blasting Services are highly experienced using all types of MEWP access.

This makes all projects capable when hiring us to carry out the required tasks knowing you will receive safety and experience.

Sheffield Children's Hospital

Violia waste management:

CBS were assigned to complete a grit blast & Coatings project on a battery power bank within a power compound at the side of a busy access walkway.

On our site survey we advised the safest way to carry out the works was to put a full shell around the container, shrink wrapping the whole unit making the project water tight allowing the works to commence in all weather conditions while keeping noise to a minimum and containing the dust and flying abrasive. 

This system was supplemented with an extraction system to keep the internal working air qualities safer to work in.

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