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Painting & Decorating

We provide quality commercial painting and decorating with the capacity to deliver both small and larger scale projects. This includes hotels, shops, offices, dental, warehousing and doctor surgeries and so forth. Our purpose is to create professionally decorated properties that contribute toward a calm environment.

Our painting division have worked on residential properties over the last 15 years too

 This means the high standard of residential work is carried over to our commercial projects meaning a higher quality finish.


If you would like a free quotation please contact us. Our quote will entail the exact specification as requested by the customer. It will show exactly what work will be carried out with the fixed price for this work. This means you, the customer, knows exactly where you stand before the works start and you know exactly what to expect from us. If there are time constraints on a job we will ensure that we work around the customer to provide the service they need and so complete the work within time and the budget agreed.

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