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SpongeRite has been specially developed to provide low-dust surface preparation experience. What is SpongeRite?

SpongeRite is a sponge-coated abrasive. When the Sponge is propelled against a surface the sponge flattens and exposes the abrasive which abrades or cleans the surface. On rebound the sponge expands back to its original size causing a vacuum inside the sponge which captures the dust particles. The SpongeRite is recycled using our regrader which removes fine particles and other foreign particles which could cause airborne contaminates. Sponge is propelled against the surface with our SR Sponge Blast machine and captures the dust on impact with the surface. It is recyclable and minimises waste generated during surface cleaning. Unlike conventional hard abrasives which ricochet great distances with significant retained energy, SpongeRite transfers its energy upon contact by flattening out. The main benefits are:

Low Dust - Contaminants are contained within the sponge, resulting in less dust to be airbourne - There is a significantly reduced need for dust suppression and extraction.

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