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In December 2020 CBS were called in by JPMOONEY and Capital & Centric to take on a large blasting job in the heart of Sheffield,

renovating a old cutlery building into some of Sheffield's most up market apartments.

The scope was to remove all the painted brickwork from the 3 court yards and the full internal building over 4 floors totalling over 10,000 square meters of blasting.

Our experienced team have now completed all the works set out by removing the old paint, cleaning the site up and removing over 100 tonnes of waste.

Now all the internals have finished we have now to complete the full external facades removing graffiti from the lower walls, chemical cleaning the brickwork and finally removing the paint from the old stone window sills.

Both Complete Blasting Services and the clients are very happy with the results we have made on this project.

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eye witness works
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