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Intumescent Painting Services - London & Kent

Complete Blasting Services provides intumescent painting services throughout the UK. A fast and cost-effective solution, intumescent painting (also known as fire proof painting) can protect steelwork from excessive heat during a fire for sustained periods of time. 

Intumescent paint can be applied to internal and external steel work, as well as semi and fully exposed steel structures. When subjected to heat, the intumescent paint forms a protective foam barrier around the steel to reduce the rate at which the temperature of the steel rises.  

At Complete Blasting Services, we can apply a range of intumescent painting systems to achieve 30,60,90 and 120-minute fire protection for all steel treated.


Why Choose Our 
Intumescent Paint Service?

  • Greatly improves the heat resilience of steel beams

  • Applied to internal and external steel structures

  • Used on semi-exposed and fully-exposed steelwork

  • 30,60,90 and 120-minute fire protection of steel work

  • Airless spray application is efficient and cost effective

  • Applied by fully certified, experienced operatives

  • Ideal for premises of all types and sizes

  • All intumescent paint is water-based

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